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Development Activities
Health and Sanitation | Drinking/Irrigation Water Scheme | Saving and Credit
CWDS has focussed more on the economic prosperity of the households, long-term sustainable development of agrarian economy in the area and overall improvement of the ecology. The active participation of the community members is the basis for the implementation of developmental activities, which ensures community ownership of the program thereby safeguarding its sustainability in terms of direct benefits to the community. The level of community participation has improved quite significantly in this year after experiencing the benefits of the activities undertaken in the previous years. The accomplishment of the activities in the year 1999 is given below.
Health and Sanitation
All the developmental activities within a community get momentum only when the health condition of the population and its sanitary living conditions are satisfactory. CWDS is more concerned about the health & sanitation situation, which is one of the main problems in the area. Therefore, CWDS is focusing more on health & sanitation education program in the area. There are several programs for different aspects of health & sanitation as: training for mother/child care, family planing to control birth rate and low-cost latrines and smokeless stove fabrication to minimize the related problems. Training is a major component in health related activities.
Following are the achievements:
1. One day orientation on family planing awareness (14 times) in different villages with 273 women participants.
2. One day orientation on Nutrition (13 times) in different villages with 295 women participants.
3. One day orientation on general diseases (24 times) with 426 (315F + 111M) participants.
4. Deworming program in 2 primary schools and 2 villages was successfully undertaken with 118 students.
5. Vaccination program in collaboration with local health center.
6. Training on General Health and Family Planing Education was given to 125 women in 5 different training program.
7. Training on mother and child-care was given to 183 members in 6 different training program.
8. Training on Nutritious baby food formulation and preparation was given to 186 members through 6 different programs organized at the village level.
9. This year 434 toilets were constructed under health and sanitation.
Drinking/Irrigation Water Scheme
Three small scale drinking water schemes (gravity flow) were constructed in this year. Likewise, two wells were renovated with community participation. Altogether 87 households are the beneficiaries of these activities.
Saving and Credit
Saving and Credit program and its institutional strengthening has been the attractive component of development in the area. Several groups in different villages have saving and credit program being handled and managed by the respective executive committee elected by its members. CWDS has been giving management training to the members in order to facilitate the efficient management of S/C groups. Likewise, S/C account training (8 to 11 Sept.) was given to 26 (5F + 21M) members from different S/C groups.
The update (on 31st Dec. 1999) of S/C program in the area is as below:
Total number of saving and credit groups: 20
Registered groups: 10
Total membership: 999 (425F + 574M)
Total fund: Rs. 1,606,586.50
Total outstanding: Rs. 1,447,279.00
Account of groups audited in December: 10
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