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On the start of the new millennium (year 2000), Community Welfare and Development Society (CWDS) has entered in the tenth year of its active involvement as a development NGO in Nepal. Completion of the ninth year of organizational life of CWDS, as an active NGO at the grassroots level in participatory rural development and as a professional NGO at the national level in sustainable agriculture, is a great satisfaction to all associated with CWDS. Members, associates and staff of CWDS are proud of completing the ninth consecutive and successful year. This achievement would not have been possible without the good wishes and assistance from several local and outside agencies and individuals. Once again, it is my great pleasure to express our appreciation to all our well-wishers and supporters in different forms.

We have been strengthened by the inspiration, assistance and guidance from several national and international agencies/networks CWDS is associated with. There are few individuals who have continuously inspired us in our efforts. We are very much grateful to all.
We are partner in development at the grassroots level in 5 VDCs in Nuwakot district implementing the Socio-Economic Development related activities. The positive impact of the initiatives is visible in the area. We are very much thankful to Bread for the World (BfdW) for assisting us to make this noble effort of CWDS possible.

Promotion of sustainable/organic agriculture in Nepal has remained a prominent agenda of CWDS. The proven technology of Effective Microorganisms (EM) was introduced in Nepal during 1996 in order to expedite the sustainable agriculture (SA) and natural resource management (NRM) related activities. The EM technology has spread in different parts of Nepal and being used in several sectors. Much more benefits of the technology are expected in the days to come. We are thankful to Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa and to all in APNAN, EMRO & INFRC for continued assistance to Nepal through CWDS.

The year 2000 is the tenth year for CWDS as a professional/development NGO in Nepal. Our learning/experiences of the last nine years need to be spread at the national level for the benefit of the increased number of households and more to the poor and deprived. We are committed to our responsibilities in nation building. In this endeavor of ours, we are looking for increased assistance and partnership from different sectors interested in the implementation and extension of already established and authenticated sustainable development models.

With Best wishes & Greetings for the year 2000 and the new Millennium.

( S. P. Yadav )
President & Executive Director
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