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Community Welfare and Development Society (CWDS) was established as a NGO, with the main objective of uplifting the rural community by improving their household income and living conditions through the introduction of sustainable agriculture & rural development related activities. It was registered in 1990 but the field level activities were started in January 1991 and then onwards it has remained active for the last nine years with expanded activities every year. CWDS is a professional NGO in implementing the concept of Participatory Rural Development and translating the models of Sustainable/Organic Farming in Nepal.

CWDS has started its activities in Nuwakot district in 1991 with two VDCs (Kakni and Okharpauwa) as its working areas. Now it has stretched out its activities in five VDCs in the same district. With the positive response and active participation of the people, CWDS is now involved more towards the economic upliftment of the people at the household level without undermining the social and community aspects in the area. The Demonstration Farm and Training Centre of CWDS at Kakani in Nuwakot district has been developed as the learning centre for the people interested in and associated with the developmental initiatives, specifically in sustainable/organic farming and natural resource management sectors.

The impact of participatory rural development initiatives as indicated in the Evaluation Report (1991-98) of CWDS has encouraged us to enlarge our efforts in translating the experiences for the benefit of the people in other parts of the country as well.

At present CWDS is involved in the promotion of sustainable/organic farming systems in different parts of the country on its own and in collaboration with other NGOs and government agencies. CWDS is more interested in the expansion and extension of the concept and practices of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) at the national level. The enlarged activities with EM technologies and its positive impact as experienced in different parts of the country have increased the confidence of different actors (farmers, policy makers, NGOs, professionals etc.) in the relevance and importance of Low External Inputs Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA) practices in Nepal.

CWDS is a full member of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) since 1992 and it is committed for extension and expansion of organic agriculture in Nepal. Publication of its quarterly magazine KISAN (meaning FARMER) and its distribution in all the 75 districts of Nepal is one of its efforts in disseminating the ideas, examples and technologies of organic agriculture. This regular publication KISAN, other casual publications and Demonstration Farm & Training Centre at Kakani together with different activities of CWDS are contributing significantly in promoting sustainable agriculture and related practices at the national level.
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