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Educational Activities
Literacy Class
CWDS has given priority to education through literacy and related activities as these are the basic needs to encourage the active participation of the people by making them understand more about the rural development and its importance in the overall development of the community. CWDS is carrying its educational activities through awareness raising, gathering at village level, adult literacy classes, households visits by CWDS' functionaries, training, exchange visits and publications dissemination. The details of educational activities undertaken in the year 1999 are given below:
Adult Literacy Class
Classes Completed: 11
Participants Graduated: 187 (170F + 17M)
Classes Continuing: 8
Participants: 192 (143F + 49M)
Advance Literacy Class
Number of Class: 1
Participants: 27 (23F + 4M)
Children Class
Number of Class: 2
Participants: 45 (27F + 18M)
Exposure Visit
Number of Visit: 1
Area of Visit: Different Parts of Nepal
Duration: 03 to 10 March 1999
Number of Participants: 17
Area of Observation: Income generation programs, saving & credit management, Permaculture farms and rural development activities of different NGOs
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