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The major objective of CWDS is to participate in Rural Reconstruction through development and local resource based farming activities which aim at enriching the quality of life of the people who are crippled due to illiteracy, ill-health, poverty and ignorance. The specific objectives are as follows:
To participate in rural development and enable the local community to improve their employment opportunity, saving capability, health & sanitation and citizen's participation in democracy.
To promote demonstration centres in rural areas and organize training programs for professionals/people involved in and associated with organic/ sustainable/ regenerative agriculture and rural development with a view to enhance their professional capability for sustainable agriculture development in particular and natural resource management in general.
To cooperate and collaborate with the government, academic institutions, research centres, voluntary agencies and networks in Nepal and abroad in order to achieve excellence for participatory and accelerated development in the country.
To emphasize on the activities which provide moral, social and economic strength to women and underprivileged in Nepal.
To conduct training, workshops and seminars in the vital areas like sustainable agriculture, rural development, community based health programs, rural saving & credit management, non-formal education and legal aspects.
To implement educational and operational activities concerning to natural resource management, agro-forestry, environment and bio-diversity management.
To publish periodicals and journals for promoting useful knowledge in the areas of agriculture, livestock, environment protection and related fields for ecological improvement and sustainable agriculture production in the country.
To undertake participatory research and action programs for advancing the knowledge related to participatory development and indigenous knowledge.
To initiate infrastructure development intended for the welfare of the community.
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