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Income Generation
Vegetable Production | Goat Raising | Pig Raising
Culinary Herbs| Strawberry Production
The main focus of CWDS is on the economic upliftment of the people at the household level without undermining the related other important rural development activities as identified by the people in the area. The emphasis has been on the farming based income generating activities. Training (on technology & management) facilitation, exposure visits and experience sharing with intensive follow-up by the facilitators and professionals of CWDS have played vital roles in motivating the people in the program participation. Vegetable production, goat raising, piggery and other related enterprises have been initiated in more concerted ways in the year 1999. A brief about the output of the activities is given below.
Vegetable Production
Total members (HH) involved: 578(230F + 345M) in 33 villages/groups
Total production: 264.676 MT
Total sale: 241.588 MT for Rs. 1,412,203.00
Local/family consumption: 23.088 MT
Vegetables grown:
Capsicum, Cabbage, Cowliflower, Pole Bean, Tomato, Sweat Pepper, Brinjal, Carrot, Pea, Squash, Cucumber, Rayo, Potato, Ginger, pumpkin, onion, Garlic, Bittergoard, etc.
Several training (on the spot) were given to 676 (258F + 418M) members on nursery raising, land preparation, plantation, weeding, plant protection measures, harvesting and marketing.
Vegetable Production Vegetable production
Goat Raising
Total members (HH) involved: 149 in 11 villages/groups
Total goats castrated: 354
Total goats sold: 637 for Rs. 773,102.00
Goats in stock with families: 149
Pig Raising
Total members (HH) involved: 23
Total pigs sold: 62 for Rs. 240,822.00
Pigs in stock with families: 56
Veterinary service to: 68
Pigs catrated: 21
Pig Raising
Pig raising
Culinary Herbs
Involvement of 10 household (female)
79 kg. dry herbs (Basil, Thyme and Oregano) sold for Rs. 43,984.00
Strawberry Production
Total members (HH) involved: 158
Total production: 10249 Kg.
Total earning from sale: Rs. 887,535.00
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